Making the Leap to Entrepreneurship (external link)
Author: Antoine Tirard
Insead Knowledge – January 02, 2019

“By some estimates, three start-ups are born every second. Disruption and the rise of the gig economy explain only part of this start-up mania. A growing disillusionment with corporate life is also a contributing factor. To illustrate this latter trend, we chart the path of three executives who have made the leap after a long corporate career.”

How Organizations Can Cultivate Innovation Catalysts (external link)
Author: Manuel Sosa
Insead Knowledge – January, 2019

“Given the highly complex, uncertain and dynamic environments facing all firms nowadays, it is more important than ever to prepare your organisation to tackle any business challenge with an innovative mindset. That is the only way to transform existing and emerging threats into opportunities for future success. Accomplishing this requires a special type of leader – a type I call the innovation catalyst.”

The all-knowing digital twin (external link)
Author: Mike Bacidore
Control Design – January 14, 2019

“It’s 2019, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is still here. Those naysayers, convinced it’s just a fad or some marketing gimmick, seem almost confused by its perseverance. The truth is it’s gone from concept to reality before our eyes. As it continues to define itself, one thing is certain: the digital twin will be a part of that definition.”

What Motivate Workers in the Gig Economy? (external link)
Author: Gad Allon
Knowledge@Wharton – January 07, 2019

“The gig economy offers tremendous flexibility for workers and companies, but it also comes with a host of unknown factors for both parties. A new study co-authored by Wharton professor of operations, information and decisions Gad Allon looks at how drivers for a ride-hailing firm make labor decisions – when to work, and for how long – and aims to improve predictions about labor supply and to shed light on more effective financial incentives”

Digitizing Products for Sustainability’s Sake (external link)
Authors: Gregory Unruh and David Kiron
MIT Sloan Management Review – January 10, 2019

“By conceptualizing a combination of matter, energy, and information, digitization of physical products and production has become an emerging idea in sustainability”

I rischi dell’economia globale nel 2019 (external link)
Authors: Kenneth Rogoff
Project-Syndacate – January 11, 2019

“Come sembra non aver mai detto Mark Twain: “Non è ciò che conosci a metterti nei guai. E’ tutto ciò che dai per certo e che invece è sbagliato.” Nel corso di quest’anno e dell’anno prossimo, i rischi economici più grandi emergeranno in aree che secondo gli investitori non dovrebbero tendenzialmente cambiare trend.”

Five ways that customer experience will change in 2019 (external link)
Author:Neil Davey
MyCustomer.com – January 14, 2019

“A panel of experts discuss what will characterise the customer experience management landscape in 2019, and how brands can capitalise on these trends to improve their CX.  As we enter 2019, the customer experience is set to wield even greater influence over business performance, reflecting a trend that has characterised this decade.”

What the next 20 years will mean for jobs – and how to prepare(external link)
Author: Stephane Kasriel
World Economic Forum – January 10, 2019

“The next two decades promise a full-scale revolution in our working lives. Before we look into the next 20 years, let’s take a quick look at the present – and something once considered paradoxical. We’re already living in an age of a lot of robots – and a lot of jobs. As the number of robots at work has reached record levels, it’s worth noting that in 2018 the global unemployment level fell to 5.2%, according to a report last month – the lowest level in 38 years. In other words, high tech and high employment don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We’re living the proof of that today.”


How do you lead digital transformation | MITSloan Management Review Webinar

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