Want to Create a Blue Ocean? Avoid These Six Red Ocean Traps (Inglese – link esterno)
Autori: W. Chan Kim e Renée Mauborgne
In: Insead Knowledge, June 08/2015
“Firms trying to tap into new markets for growth often fall into the traps of putting resources into wooing existing customers and investing heavily in value-added offerings. But this won’t get them to blue oceans.”

What Brands Need to Survive in a Digital World (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Joerg Niessing
In: Insead Knowledge, May 26/2015
“Before you start making heavy investments in digital, make sure your brand adheres to these three basic principles.”

Making the Big Behaviour Breakthrough (Inglese – link esterno)
Autori: Steve Jacobs, Mona Malone, Les Dakens, Carolina Aguilera
In: Ivey Business Journal, January/February 2015
“Changing how things get done can be a powerful performance-enhancing tool. But achieving desirable shifts in habits and routines can be extremely tricky, even baffling.”

A strategic Way to Enter New Era of Strategy (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Jean-Luis Schaan
In: IIvey Business Journal, May/June 2015
“Google the term “strategy” and you get hundreds of millions of hits on the topic, not to mention plenty of pithy quotes about how essential it is to business success.”

Has Human Resources Lost its Edge in a Tech-driven World? (Inglese – link esterno)
In: Knowledge@Wharton, May 19/2015
“Some decades ago, HR was widely considered one of the best fields for ambitious people to pursue their careers at such high-profile companies as IBM, Pepsi, GE and AT&T.”

What lean philosophy teaches us about employee engagement and the customer value chain (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Mark Gregory
In: MyCustomer, June 11/2015
“As I go about my daily business, like most people, I am continually exposed to varying levels of customer service, from fantastic to (as Buzz Lightyear would say) awful and beyond!”



In this new RSA Spotlight, Co-director of the 2015 World Development Report, Varun Gauri argues that development policy and assistance is due for a re-design, based on a more realistic understanding of how human beings think and behave.