Perspectives on Performance (Inglese – link esterno – PDF 1,42 MB)
La newsletter di PMA (Performance Management Association)
Volume 10, Issue 3, Q2 2013

Strategic Thinking for Turbolent Times (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: M. S. S. El Namaki
In: Ivey Business Journal July/August 2013
“Very soon after the crash of 2008, most of the conventional conceptual and operational frameworks for strategy formulation and strategy choice ran out of steam. Five years later, as this author notes, the search is still on for more compatible models for strategy analysis, formulation, choice and implementation. In this article he offers a model and four options for applying it that he believes is an answer for most firms still searching.”

Turning Expectations into Customer Satisfaction (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Hilke Plassmann
In: Insead Knowledge, 09/2013
“Expectations can determine the perception of your product. Setting that expectation and spreading it is the next step, but beware of trickery.”

Business Models for an Era of Innovation Glut (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Alistair Davidson
In: Ivey Business Journal July/August 2013
“In a competitive environment, a lack of value differentiation, which is the most important predictor of success, is almost certain to be a problem. And even worse, if you don’t know enough about your customers, then your definition of value may not match that of the market. Or, you may not be able to identify who is likely to buy quickly with a low sales cost.”

Do You Have More at Risk than You Know About? (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Graham Bolton
In: Business Finance Magazine 23/07/2013
“A look at two strategies that executives can implement in order to achieve a level of transparency in their control processes.”

Friends with benefits: How close can you get to your customers? (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Steven Van Belleghem
In: Mycustomer.com 20/09/2013
“Can you become friends with customers – and can it be done at scale?”

The Right Innovation Mindset Can Take You from Idea to Impact (Inglese – link esterno)
Autori: Vijay Govindarajan and Srikanth Srinivas
In: HBR Blog Network, 19/09/2013
“Thomas Edison said it over a century ago: “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.” Unfortunately, when companies launch innovation initiatives, they tend to devote most of their time, energy and attention to that initial 1% – the thrilling hunt for the breakthrough idea. The real innovation challenge, however, lies beyond the idea, in a long, hard journey from idea to impact. Innovative companies sustain a track record of success by creating the right “climate” for employees to cultivate the innovation mindset — to think different, act different, and achieve extraordinary success.”


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