Perspectives on Performance (Inglese – link esterno – PDF 1.282KB)
La newsletter di PMA (Performance Management Association)
Volume 9, Issue 2, January 2012

The Dollar Payoff of CSR and Sustainability (Inglese – link esterno)
In: Strategy+Business, January 13, 2012
“How a deep commitment translates into better numbers in the stock market and on the bottom line”
commento sulla ricerca:
The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behavior and Performance
realizzata da Robert G. Eccles, Ioannis Ioannou, George Serafeim
disponibile come working paper e scaricabile al link:
http://www.hbs.edu/research/pdf/12-035.pdf (Inglese – link esterno – PDF 658 KB)

Neuroscience and the Link Between Inspirational Leadership and Resonant Relationships (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Richard Boyatzis
In: Ivey Business Journal January/February 2012
““Relationships,” says a dejected Alvy Singer, Woody Allen’s character in the movie, Annie Hall. “Who needs them.” The fact is that every leader needs to have smooth, productive relationships with those around him or her. But what makes for a rewarding relationship – and its opposite – has long been unclear or unknown. This author, who has conducted and written extensively about the impact of brain activity on such relationships, describes some important, new observations that hold the promise of helping leaders to form more effective relationships”

Transformational Performance-Based Leadership: Addressing Non-Routine Adaptive Challenges (Inglese – link esterno)
Autori: Kari Granger, Doug Hanover
In: Ivey Business Journal January/February 2012
“A leader’s job is to create contexts that will allow followers to adopt new perspectives on the challenges they face, and therefore, new actions that lead to higher levels of performance. The observations offered by these authors will be extremely valuable to any leader hoping to achieve this important goal.”

CRM 2012: The expert predictions (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Neil Davey
In: Mycustomer.com, 19/01/2012
“CRM guru Paul Greenberg tells MyCustomer.com about his predictions for the world of customer relationship management in the coming year”

Income Inequality: How the rich got richer…and what politicians are doing about it (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Grace Segran
In: Insead Knowledge, 22/02/2012
“The gap between the rich and poor used to be the province of third world countries. Why is it an issue in developed countries these days?”

Enterprise performance management: master data management (Inglese – link esterno)
Autori: David Ketchin, Andrew Parton
In: Insight the eMagazine for management accountants February 2012
“MDM ensures that reference data is well governed, thereby securing comparability across the organisation. While not particularly ‘sexy’, this discipline is absolutely crucial to obtaining a reliable view of performance by customer, product and organisational entity across markets”


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