Never Underestimate the Importance of Soft Skills in Executing Strategy (Inglese – link esterno – PDF 111KB)
Autore: Don Ryder
In: Balanced Scorecard Report, September/October 2011
“With a decade of Balanced Scorecard implementation experience under his belt, one senior executive reflects on what worked best and why”

Sir Terry Leahy: My lessons on building and measuring loyalty (Inglese – link esterno – parzialmente accessibile – richiede registrazione gratuita per completare la lettura)
Autore: Neil Dovey
In : MyCustomer.com, September 12, 2011
“Knighted for services to retailing, and renowned for transforming the supermarket industry in Britain by growing Tesco to the largest chain in the country through innovative customer loyalty incentives such as the Clubcard, few are better qualified to talk about loyalty and customer-focused initiatives than Sir Terry Leahy”

Beethoven and Analytics-Based Performance Management (Inglese – link esterno – richiede registrazione gratuita)
Autore: Gary Cokins
In : InfoManagement Direct, September 8, 2011
“Are we now at a point where the implementation of analytics-based performance management’s suite of integrated methodologies, like the composer’s revolutionary “Eroica,” will drive how organizations manage change?”

6 Ways to Improve Compensation Management (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Peter Alpern
In: Business Finance, August 22, 2011
“Employees might be driven by a myriad of motivators, but perhaps the biggest is simply getting a regular paycheck. Ensuring that compensation system is effective is not just important but imperative. But few organizations evaluate their compensation management maturity or identify shortcomings.”

Leadership: Are you connecting and collaborating? (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: Shellie Karabel
In: Insead Knowledge, July 27, 2011
“Where do the ideas in your organisation come from? And from whom? If you’re not taking advantage of new sources of inspiration – sources outside your organisation, outside the management suite – to facilitate growth and change, you could be in trouble.”

Remapping your strategic mind-set (Inglese – link esterno – parzialmente accessibile – richiede registrazione gratuita per completare la lettura)
Autore: Pankaj Ghemawat
In : McKinsey quartely, August, 2011
“Shake up your thinking by looking at the world from the perspective of a particular country, industry, or company. “Rooted” maps can help you unearth hidden opportunities and threats”

How to Prevent Self-Inflicted Disasters (Inglese – link esterno – per alcuni articoli può richiedere registrazione gratuita)
Autore: Eric Kronenberg
In : Strategy+Business, August 15, 2011
“All too often, companies unintentionally create their own worst crises. With a little awareness of your organizational DNA, you can avoid that fate — and the headlines that go with it.”