Perspectives on Performance (Inglese – link esterno – PDF 973 KB)
La newsletter di PMA (Performance Management Association)
Volume 10, Issue 2, Q1 2013

Ten steps to sustainable business in 2013 (Inglese – link esterno)
Autori: Anthea Rowe, Tima Bansal
In: Ivey Business Journal January/February 2013
“Most businesses hope to become sustainable, but for many, reaching that goal is problematic. The road to the finish is filled with obstacles such as inadequate, ad hoc public policy and burdensome reporting. This article lists and describes the ten initiatives that company leaders believe will enable them to shape a future that is more sustainable”

What do Voltaire and Social Media Have in Common? (Inglese – link esterno)
Autore: David Dubois
In: Insead Knowledge, 02/2013
“If Voltaire’s precept was destined to guide his readers to find happiness, it is also very well suited for companies in search of new social media successes.”

How Manu Chandaria Mastered the African Market (Inglese – link esterno)
Intervista a Manu Chandaria
In: Knowledge&Wharton, 01/2013
“For businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a growth opportunity, Africa represents a compelling and underserved market with a population of more than 1 billion people. In a slow growth environment, Africa has grown at 5% a year during the past decade. But political risk, poverty, staffing shortages, lack of infrastructure and cultural differences abound, making it difficult to secure a foothold there”

Succession Planning Roadmap (Inglese – link esterno)
In: Workforce 03/2013
“How to build a robust succession planning program that aligns current talent development with future leadership needs.”

The Big Data Debate (Inglese – link esterno)
In: Mycustomer.com, 26/02/2013
“One of the big assertions that have been made by people working in the social media Analytics space is that social media data can be used to predict individual purchasing behaviour”

What Small Business Can Learn from Emerging Markets (Inglese – link esterno)
Autori: Rajeev Batra, Amitava Chattopadhyay, and Aysegul Ozsomer
In: HBR Blog Network, 14/03/2013
“Just how do you win against larger competitors who have more resources than you? A new wave of smaller companies from emerging market countries have discovered that you can not only win, but have the advantage over larger companies. It’s just a matter of deploying your resources — however limited they are — very strategically.”


In this new RSA Animate, Manuel Lima, senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing, explores the power of network visualisation to help navigate our complex modern world. Taken from a lecture given by Manuel Lima as part of the RSA’s free public events programme.