Autore: Fabrizio Bocci

L’abstract del paper presentato da Fabrizio Bocci alla Conferenza Internazionale EGPA2005:

tenuta a BERNA dal 31 agosto al 3 settembre 2005 a cura dell’ European Group of Public Administration.

Today Citizens have a multi-dimensional stakeholder role to play in their relationship with public sector’s organizations. If organizations are not aware of that they will risk to fail in pursuing their mission.
This paper:

  • reviews (very shortly) the most popular Balanced Scorecard “geographies” proposed for the Public Sector and identify the limits,
  • presents a new Balanced Scorecard geography in which the Community perspective is developed in a multi-dimensional way,
  • shows how this model has been successfully tested and applied in a couple of Public

Healthcare Organizations in Italy (“Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Modena” and “Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Reggio Emilia”).
Moving from profit-driven organizations to mission-oriented ones the original architecture of the Balanced Scorecard has been modified to be adapted to different needs.
Often in the Balanced Scorecard literature about the Public Sector there is not a clear distinction between organizations that purely produce services (i.e. hospitals) and organizations that, in addition, manage something on behalf of citizens (i.e. local government and “aziende sanitarie locali” in Italy).
The architecture proposed for the Balanced Scorecard and the strategic map are the same for both the kind of organizations. …  A new geography is proposed in this paper for the strategic map of Public Sector organizations. …

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